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Meet Laura, founder of Pen & Light


I have to be honest, here, because why not?

I have never been particularly passionate about writing, but I’m good at it. The mechanics come naturally, and I learned to welcome an editor’s red scratches. What I love, what really fills me, is telling stories, and I realized early on that stories hold a particular magic. When told well, stories have the power to inform people, to change minds, to open hearts and, move people to action. I’ve seen it time after time, and every time, it gives me a rush.

After more than a decade working as a reporter for daily newspapers, I left the newsroom and launched Pen & Light Creative. Since 2008, I’ve supplied a steady stream of narrative stories for magazines and newspapers, and helped numerous corporate clients, and creative entrepreneurs bring their stories to life. My work spans both print and digital media, and I’ve adapted as trends in online storytelling have shifted.

All the passionate people I meet through my work make writing easy. They inspire me. They motivate me, and they keep me curious and amazed and alive. They are the magic.

That’s my story. Now, let me help you tell yours.