What’s your story?

That’s never an easy question, and you may be thinking that you don’t have a story to tell, but I believe you do. Everyone does, in my experience, and my job is to uncover that story. If told well, a story will change a reader. With everything I write, my hope is that readers will be informed, entertained, educated, or moved to action. One way or another, they won’t be the same. That’s just how stories work – and that’s why we’re all drawn to them.

Throughout my career, I’ve written about hundreds of topics, but there are a few subjects that continue to surface. I often write about women and women’s issues, children and families, health, especially alternative medicine and mental health, and the outdoors. I don’t shy away from tough topics or highly technical subjects, in fact, I enjoy the challenge.

I’m most passionate about personal profiles, and have been recognized for my reverent and compassionate approach to telling a story. I have a knack for developing rapport with my subjects and I am committed to accurately portraying people in the midst of all their passion, uncertaintly, and optimism. I’m always open to story ideas. Contact me if you have one. I’d love to hear it.

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